A weng naus # 2429 – starker Nordostwind

Auf der neuen Brücke auf dem Weg zum Treffpunkt runter zur Beckenerneuerung im Kitzinger Freibad geknipst. Am 8. Juni solls ja losgehen. Schöne Frankenbergrunde mit Dieter gefahren. Musik heute u.a. von meinem Fotokollegen und Ex-Nachbarn Karl Kühn.

„Autumn on the Potomac“

(Strophe 1)
Cruising down Memorial Parkway,
Autumn colors light the way,
Golden leaves dance ’n the setting sun,
As we journey ‚til the day is done.

On the Potomac, under the sky so wide,
With nature’s beauty as our guide,
Every turn reveals a sight to see,
In this moment, we’re wild and free.

(Strophe 2)
Glistening river, a mirror of light,
Reflects the colors, oh so bright,
Past Mount Vernon, history’s call,
Underneath the changing, painted sprawl.


As the sun sets, the colors deepen,
Sedans yellow lights, softly peepin‘.
By the Potomac Bridge, secrets we share,
In this journey, beyond compare.


(Strophe 4)
Cruising down the Memorial Parkway,
Orange, pink and purple shade the sky
Memories made along the way,
On the Potomac, where dreams will stay.